Thailand Lottery

What is the Government Thailand Lottery?

Many people may be familiar with the government lottery because they have long been with Thai society, officially known as the National Lottery, also known as the Lottery, which is a lottery that the government has created for sale to players, some of which are called the Thai Lottery. If the number that the lottery buyer is matching the issued prize, the number will be awarded. Buyers will be able to go up the winnings. The lottery can be purchased for only 80 baht, but there is a chance of winning a grand prize worth up to 6 million baht. What’s more, the underground lottery itself is often referenced. National Lottery results or

The government lottery is set to draw prizes, there may be lower prices than lottery tickets, as some dealers offer discounts on lottery purchases and provide higher prize money. However, the underground lottery is not legally acceptable. Unlike the National Lottery.

This is for the government lottery itself. Players or lottery buyers must be over 18 years of age.

Thailand Lottery

History of the Government Lottery

The Government Lottery is a bet where the risk taker must choose or buy the desired lottery number and wait for the draw as agreed. In Thailand, both legal and illegal lotteries occurred around 1832.   famine People don’t use the money. Put the money in the ground. Later, he solved the problem by setting up the lottery, so please give it to Phra Sri Chaibal (China Hong) (after being promoted to Phraya Srichaibal). The lottery has been set up since then.

The early lottery will be played among the Chinese. It’s called “lottery” (花會 ) means flower assembly because it initially wrote the lottery in the shape of a flower. He later changed to a Chinese name, making 34 small plaques, and writing the names of ancient celebrities on the signs, stabbing who they would be. If you guess what the dealer pays 30 to one, Later, when gambling spread to Thai society, Therefore, the lottery was issued in Thai alphabet (which uses 36 characters), so it was called “Lottery A” by the privately owned public lottery, which was the concession of the operation. Government Lottery

The demand for lottery play is greater than the state can arrange to play. During the reign of King Rama V, he had the king’s speech to cancel gambling, but since lottery duties were a significant income, he abolished the pawns first and then the abolition of lottery duties during the reign of King Rama VI.

During the reign of King Rama V, the lottery was first issued to raise money for charity maintenance, and many more special sessions have been issued. The aim was to nurture the charity until the government, after the change of government, in 1932, regular lottery tickets were issued, and in 1939, a lottery office or government lottery was established to be issued regularly. The lottery played, so it switched to the last number of the lottery as a lottery ticket instead of the traditional lottery B.

National Lottery, Government Lottery

The National Lottery is a type of lottery in Thailand. Those who wish to sell must first seek permission from the National Lottery Office. Currently issued every 1st and 16th day of the month, except

  • The January 1st period changed to December 30, the previous year, as it was New Year’s Eunuch.
  • term. 16 January changed to the draw on January 17th as it falls on Teachers’ Day.
  • The May 1 installment changed to the draw on May 2 as it falls on National Labor Day.

Currently, the Office publishes and distributes at least 50 lottery tickets, with series 01–50 being regular lottery tickets. Series 51–100 is a charity lottery with the same number of 000000–999999 (the lottery before 1995  will be a      seven-digit number from 0000000–9999999).  Make it eligible for double the award from the specified. However, if the lottery only has one set number. Due to a division of sales or typos. If you win a prize, you will receive one set of prize money, or if you win more than one category in the same lottery ticket, you will receive the winnings according to the right amount. Awards, Government Lottery


Thai Lottery Format In order

  • The lottery in one  set will be  1 million copies.  80 baht/copy if sold out Set prize money per set Here’s how:
  • The 1st prize is  1 prize, 6,000,000  baht per prize.
  • 2 end numbers with  1 prize, 2,000  baht  each
  • 3 last digits with  2  prizes,  4,000  baht each
  • 3 page numbers with  2  prizes,  4,000 baht each
  • The second prize is  5  prizes,  200,000  baht each.
  • Prize 3  There are  10  prizes,  80,000 baht each.
  • The 4th prize is  50  prizes,  40,000 baht each.
  • The 5th prize is  100  prizes,  20,000 baht each.

For those who like to gamble, choosing to play the government lottery has a chance to win a grand prize if you have luck, and more importantly, it is 100% legal in Thailand !!!.